Sunday, 1 June 2014

REVIEW - MUA Felt Eyeliner

Hey guys, so here is my review of the MUA Felt Eyeliner!

When I saw this in the shop, I just had to pick it up! I had wanted to try a felt eyeliner for ages, after my last purchase of one wasn't so great, and for just £3, how could I not?

When I first tried this eyeliner, I found it didn't go on smoothly at first, and I had to go over the same bit 2/3 times before it made it black, but I figured this was just because it was new.

After a few hours of this being on, I noticed it had transferred onto my crease of my eyelid, which was a shame because I really like this eyeliner.

All in all, the eyeliner doesn't really work for me, as I still have to do 2/3 coats to get it black, so for now, I will stick to my liquid liner. But who knows, I may repurchase this in the future... 
Rate; 7/10

Alice xox

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