Monday, 2 June 2014


So I thought I would do a quick ootd whilst waiting to go to my cousins!

So today, I am wearing a long blue muscle tee, which I tucked into my leggings. I think this is from Primark, but I stole it off my mum so I'm not sure! I don't know where my leggings are from, but it's just a simple pair of black leggings, and then my green flannel shirt is also from Primark. I think this was around £12 but I can't remember as I bought it back in October. I am also wearing some black converse and then my jewellery is just an owl necklace from Primark and then a load of bracelets / wristbands I got off friends or at various gigs I've been too. 

Also, please excuse the awkward pose, I was putting it on Instagram! (If you want to follow me, feel free! @alice_alanorrr - personal Instagram and @daydreamsandmakebelieves - blog Instagram) 

Hope you enjoyed!

Alice xox

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