Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Summer Essentials!

Hey guys!

So, seeing as though England is in the middle of a heatwave right now, I thought I would show you some of my Summer Essentials, enjoy!

So first off, I have my sunglasses. These are a MUST in this weather, we want to protect our eyes! I bought these ones from Primark for around £2 in December, and I love them, they remind me of the Top Gun style sunglasses!

Next up I have my Tangle Attack. I carry this around with me in summer because if its windy, or you go to the pool/beach, your hair can get knotty and tangled, so its always best to carry around a brush!

Now these will be pretty obvious... Suncream. I am very fair skinned, so I burn so easily (I already have sunburn on my shoulders from being outside for 2 hours yesterday :( ) so I use my Avon suncream in Factor 50, and I also use my Rimmel BB Cream with has an SPF of 15 in it, so I tend to wear this in the summer rather than foundation

Next up id dry shampoo.. I carry this with me because the heat can make your hair limp and lifeless, so I use it to add a bit of life and volume to my hair throughout the day!

Deodorant is always great to carry round with you, no-one wants to be sweaty and stinky during the day, so always use a deodorant or body spray during the day

Hand sanitizer is also good to carry round. I use this after I've had an ice cream, or if I've been at the beach and my hands are sticky and I don't have any wipes on me

Lip balm... this is weird, but my lips go more chapped in the summer than winter... so I always have a lip balm on me to hydrate my lips during the day

Headphones... a must if you're travelling this summer, or just hanging out by the pool or at the beach!

Now I don't know about you, but I suffer with hayfever every summer, so I carry round tissues to wipe my eyes and help with a sniffy nose and whatnot...they're also good to wipe your hands after an ice cream!

Hair ties and bobby pins... I always tend to have my hair up during summer, and I ALWAYS have a hair tie on my wrist, no matter what. They are great if you want to shove your hair up on a hot day, or if you've just been swimming and don't want to get your clothes wet

Lastly, I always carry a bit of change with me, you never know when you might pass a small corner shop and want to get an ice cream or bottle of water in this weather...

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you are all having a lovely summer!
Alice xox

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