Monday, 7 July 2014

June favourites!

Hey guys! So here are my June favourites for you!

Ok, this first one may seem a little (a lot) weird... but it was my birthday at the start of June, and a week before, I went to a gig with some of my friends and saw a band who I love. Whilst I was there, my friend got them to sign a birthday card for me, and this is the card I got!

All the band members (and a few friends) signed the card for me, and it means a lot to me because I hardly get to see the people who signed it so everytime I felt sad or upset I just looked at the card and it made me happy, so that's why its in my favourites!

Next up is my Summer Love Shadow and Glow palette from Barry M. I got this a few weeks back and have been loving it! The colours are so cute and look amazing when you put them in your crease, especially if you use the blue or pink in the crease with the champagne colour as a base!

Next up is my I Love... Strawberry and Blackberry body mist. I love the smell of this and use it pretty much every day!

I have also been loving my Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I use this on my undereye circles and it is fantastic, a definite must buy for everyone!

I have also been loving my Kate Moss lipstick. I wear this every single day without fail and it smells and tastes so good! I love the colour of it, and I really want to try the rest of them!

My dry shampoo is something I have been using a lot more recently... as I stopped washing my hair every day, and now I wash it every other day, this has been a life saver! I use it to give my hair some life, and after I've been to the gym for a while!

Ok, I am seriously obsessed with hand sanitizers... I don't know why, but I always have to have one with me. Recently, I've been using this one from The Body Shop, and I picked it up for around £2.50 

Now this is a weird one too... Its the 'Nail The Habit' from Superdrug. Its a nail biting deterrent, and it basically stops you from biting your nails, and trust me, it works! My nails have been getting a lot longer since I started using it

This is a product I love... its my Tangle Tease which I got from the Pound shop. Its a dupe of the proper tangle tease, and I use it when I get out the shower on my wet hair to stop it from being damaged.

The last thing is An Abundance Of Katherines by John Green. I'm only part way into this book, but I love it! I have read a few of John Green's books, and all of them are amazing! I'm hoping to finish it soon and move onto another of his!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I'll see you again soon!

Alice xox

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