Sunday, 23 February 2014

My everyday Skincare & Makeup routine!

Hey guys!

So, this is technically 2 posts in 1... my everyday skincare and makeup routine :)

I will start off with my skincare routine. I do this every morning and night (when I remember!) and I have noticed my skin getting a lot better these past few weeks...

The products I use are;
 - Boots Essentials eye makeup remover lotion
 - Boots Essentials cleansing lotion
 - Boots Essentials facial toner
 - Nivea Refreshingly Soft moisturising cream with jojoba oil and vitamin E
 - Claire's After Care ear lotion (I know its not a skincare as such, but I recently had my second piercing in my ear done so this has become part of my routine)

The Boots Essentials were on offer at 3 for £3, so I had to get all 3 of them!

So, first off, I start by using my eye makeup remover to get off any makeup I'm wearing during the day, or any that didn't come off the night before.

Once I have done this, I then use the cleanser all over my face, to get off any foundation and concealer that I am wearing / didn't come off

I then go on to use the toner. In all honesty, I'm not actually sure what this does, but I just use it all over my face and it makes my skin feel smooth.

Once I have done all this, I then use my Nivea Moisturiser over my face and rub it in until its dry.

I then use my ear care lotion to stop my piercings getting infected whilst they are healing.


I already have an 'Everyday makeup' post on here, but my makeup has changed slightly since that post so I thought I would do an updated version for you.

For my makeup, I use;

- NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer
- Collection Long Lasting Ultimate wear foundation with SPF 20 in the shade 'Biscuit'
- 2true 3 in 1 concealer (I only use this under my eyes as it is a brightening concealer)
- Miss Sporty concealer in Light (I'm not sure, as the writing has rubbed off the packaging)
- Urban Decay Primer Potion in the shade Greed
- Primark's own liquid eye liner in Black
- NYC 'Big Bold Volume' mascara in Extra Black
- Maybelline New York master drama kohl liner in Ultra Black
- Maybelline New York brow pencil in Soft Brown
- Nivea lip balm in Soft Rose
- Rimmel London Stay Matte powder in Transparent
- NYC cheek glow in Central Park Pink

I start off by using my NYC primer all over my face. I love this primer, and it was in my last 'every day makeup' a few weeks ago

I then use my Collection foundation. I use this by pumping a small amount onto my finger, then dotting it around my face. Now, most of you will hate me for this, but I then rub it into my face using my hands. I used to use my H&M foundation brush, but I lost it a few days ago so I started rubbing it in instead, and personally, I found it gives me more coverage this way, plus, its quicker if I'm in a rush!

I then use my 2 concealers. I use my 2true concealer under my eyes, as it is a brightening concealer, and then my Miss Sporty concealer on any blemishes I have.

Once I have done that, I then use my Rimmel Stay Matte powder all over my face to set my makeup and get rid of any shine.

After my face, I then do my eyes. I start out by using my Urban Decay Primer potion all over my lid. The thing I love about this primer is that is a glittery gold colour, so it adds a colour onto my lid so I don't have to wear eye shadow all the time.

I then use my Primark eyeliner and do a winged eye. I love this eyeliner, and I raved about it in my last everyday makeup post, plus, this eyeliner has lasted me ages, and I mean AGES. I must of had it about 2 and a half months, probably 3, and its such a small bottle, but it goes a long way!

I then use my Maybelline kohl liner on my tight line. I don't use eyeliner on my waterline, as my eyes water quite a lot during the day and I find that it always comes off.

I then use my NYC Mascara. I love this mascara as it makes my lashes super long and adds loads of volume!

Next is brows. I use my Maybelline brow pencil and start off by brushing through my brows. I then just simply fill them in and then brush through them again, so they look more natural and not like I've filled them in!

I then use my NYC blush on the apples of my cheeks. I don't use this everyday, but when I do I love the colour it adds to my cheeks. Its such a nice colour and I can see myself wearing it a lot during the spring!

Most days, I don't wear lipstick or lipgloss, I just simply use either one of my Baby Lips lip balms, or, more recently, my Nivea lip balm. I was given this off my mum, and I used to wear it all the time. It adds a slight pink colour to your lips but is still really moisturising and makes my lips soft.

So that was my everyday skincare and makeup routine, hope you enjoyed and I will see you soon!

Alice xox


  1. Lovely post chick, that nyc blush is such a pretty colour! xx

    1. thank you chick! And I know, its my favourite I've bought, and it was quite cheap too :) xx