Friday, 10 January 2014

REVIEW; Urban Decay Primer Potion

Ok, so I know I said I would do this yesterday but I forgot... sorry!

but anyway, I recently purchased some Urban Decay Primer Potion in 'Greed', and oh my gosh you guys I love it!

This is what it looks like;
and I'm being serious, it is the est thing I've bought. I love how when I put it on, it has a slight gold shimmer to it, making it look like I'm already wearing eyeshadow. It keeps my eyeshadow and my eyeliner in place all day, and it doesn't crease (which I love!)

I actually bought this one off EBay for £4.99, which in my opinion, is an absolute steal! I highly recommend everyone to buy it!

sorry I couldn't write more, I'm on my phone and I hardly have any battery!

I'll post some more soon guys, bye!

Alice xox 

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